22 Space Parking Lot for Rent RMLS#166

George Town
US$ 4,878 CI$ 4,000
  • US$
  • CI$
  • 1 Bedrooms
  • 8712 sqft
  • Garden view

Hidden Gem in George Town
Parking lot for rent in the heart of George Town
(22) spaces for rent
.20 acre paved parking lot ready for use.
Will only rent the entire parking lot
Tenant to install their own security gate system to control unauthorized use of the spaces.
There is a high fence to the north and east boundary and a 4’ on the west side.
A street light on the east side.
Please note some categories are not applicable

RMLS- 166

  • Cooker: Electric

Date Available: June 20, 2018
Average CUC bill: 0
Average Water: 0

Pool maintenance: N/A
Garden maintenance: N/A