Krista is known as a blonde bombshell!
Having spent over 15 years in event planning and marketing, Krista’s love of people and interior design has drawn her to real estate, where she can combine her skills and passion, all at the same time.

Krista originally began her career in Grand Cayman ensconced in the watersports industry, where she spent everyday helping guests to have the best ocean-bound experience the Cayman Islands has to offer. She is super organized and combines fabulous marketing acumen with a genuine desire to provide the best service for people.

Krista comes from a background of property development and spent her childhood in homes ‘that were never quite finished’ as her father was forever improving their property, so real estate is in her blood. She particularly enjoys seeing the vast array of amazing architectural and interior design options available in Cayman. Her first rental was for a condo on 7 mile beach with staggering views and beautiful décor – she hasn’t looked back since placing that first awe inspiring home.

Krista is currently focusing on the rental market in Grand Cayman – she specializes in finding homes for people looking to relocate to Cayman.She is also a fully qualified CIREBA sales agent, so does sales and rentals. Krista is very patient and kind, she genuinely connects with her clients and works extremely hard to get them the perfect property. Krista has traveled extensively and her advice to people moving from abroad is to make home ‘home’ as quickly as possible, which is why she works so hard to get it right for her clients.

Things Krista won’t tell you about herself:
She is an awesome fisherman – she often takes part in local tournaments and spends her weekends with her family on the water.

Krista’s most rewarding property placement to date was for a client who was located at the Everest Base Camp and needed a home secured for her move to Cayman, after her mountain adventures.

Krista is a big traveller – she has lived in Thailand, the UK, Spain, Australia and visited many countries between stops. She even sailed a yacht for 6 months along Australia’s east coast.

Krista taps into people’s energy – which she feels is super important with helping find to the right home.

Outside of work:
Krista is a water baby – if she isn’t working, she’s spending time with her husband and kids in/on/above and below the ocean…