Hilary McKenzie-Cahill

Sales Agent

Hilary originally hails from the UK, but made Cayman home 24 years ago, when she not only fell in love with the islands but with the warmth of the Caymanian people!

Prior to moving to Cayman, Hilary was a partner in a highly successful European real estate and development company with projects in Portugal, Spain, the Balearic Islands and Germany, and she is delighted to be returning to her real estate roots.  Since 1995 Hilary has been involved in developing multiple property projects in Cayman, both residential and commercial. Hilary brings invaluable first-hand knowledge of the architectural, design, building, strata, planning and negotiating process to her clients at W2.

As a former Vice President at Cayman Enterprise City, Hilary is accustomed to providing bespoke concierge style services to her clients, utilizing her vast network of contacts, to help them with everything they need from attorneys, to bankers, architects, designers, valuers, finding schools for their children and moving services; indeed all they require to assist them making a smooth investment in the Cayman Islands.

Hilary’s ethos is perfectly aligned with the culture at Williams2: honesty and integrity first and foremost. Clients find Hilary to be a powerhouse of energy and driving force. She genuinely loves to go the extra mile (or 100 miles) and do whatever it takes to help them achieve their goals.

Things Hilary won’t tell you about herself:
For five years Cathy Williams and Hilary were two of Cayman’s first internet entrepreneurs, creating Ecay and a digital marketing group together.

Outside of work…
When Hilary is not working or developing properties, she loves galloping fast on western horses and taking adventurous trips diving, surfing and hiking with her family. She is the proud mother of twin 16-year-old girls and loves helping them with their non-profit organization 2Can (it’s a twin thing!), collecting children’s clothes and shoes and distributing them to orphans in third-world countries.