Sales Agent

Fabio’s good friend and now colleague, George Davidson, drew Fabio into real estate professionally… The duo had embarked on building a personal property portfolio as a joint venture many years ago, that raised the inevitable question, “why don’t you do this for a living”? Fabio’s move to into the industry for Capital Realty in 2004 saw the beginning of his career as an agent and he hasn’t looked back. He continues to develop his personal real estate investments and therefore has an eye on the market that many of his clients appreciate, often giving him a competitive edge regarding real estate investment opportunities.

As with many of the Williams2 agents, there is so much more to Fabio than real estate. He is one of Cayman’s best sommeliers, certified through the Court of Masters Sommeliers. He Speaks 4 languages fluently, including Spanish and French and has travelled the world extensively. As a leading wine purveyor on behalf of an ever-increasing client-base, Fabio has a well-developed understanding of how to combine personal taste and investment opportunities. His affiliation with fine wines and the ability to find a fantastic investment home opportunity are synonymous – people trust Fabio to invest on their behalf as he improves their wine collections and his love of discovering new opportunities and creating beautiful homes makes him stand out from the crowd. Fabio has a fantastic knowledge of Cayman and combines this with a diverse background of cultural discovery, which helps him assist international clients find their perfect home.

Things Fabio won’t tell you about himself:
He moved to Cayman in his twenties and bought his first apartment and started his investment portfolio within months of his arrival –
showing a commitment to real estate when most of his peers were showing more commitment to socializing.
He’s still quite the spring chicken and his youth and energy are palpable but under the calm and friendly exterior is a very shrewd businessman that has a very clear understanding of long-term investment opportunities.
He’s a super fitness chap and competes at the Cayman Crossfit Games.

Outside of work:
So Fabio is pretty much always working – but he keeps himself very fit so when he’s not developing wine collections or buying and selling homes, he’s working out.