#1 Team 2010 Caribbean & Central America
#1 Team 2011 Caribbean & Central America
Platinum Award Winners

Cathy Williams Owner/Broker of Williams2 Real Estate in the Cayman Islands.

Interestingly, to extract an interview about Cathy is difficult. She will openly talk about the real estate market, her team and Neil’s accomplishments but exudes a modesty that is refreshing. Clients warm to the fact that Cathy is very down to earth and humble in her approach, she still sees working in real estate as an absolute privilege, being trusted by the client in this very personal investment. Her team however, is more forthcoming about Cathy’s strengths, as she is a formidable professional with an energy that is contagious and exciting. Whilst her reputation speaks for itself, you only have to meet Cathy to know she is going to get the job done, to the very best of her ability.

Previous to working in real estate, Cathy was one of the founders of Ecay Trade, the local version of Ebay. Ecay has developed an online advertising platform that was unseen in the Cayman Islands. Previously. She then joined Neil in real estate and the two have burnt a pathway to success that is world class. Her tenacity and creative approach to making sure Williams2 and the team are ahead of the market is relentless and clients always know they are the number 1 priority. Cathy is extremely creative and ensures that Williams2 stands apart from other real estate company on island, so clients can clearly see how she is promoting their properties to their maximum potential.

Things Cathy won’t tell you about herself:
She’s Irish…
Cathy has a 2nd degree Black Belt in Don Jitsu Ryu (Purple Dragon International) and won gold at the Karate Championships in Trinidad (July 2015).
Cathy and Neil’s two girls have also accomplished their black belts in in Don Jitsu Ryu (Purple Dragon International) recently, which takes massive dedication from the girls as individuals, and from Neil and Cathy in supporting them.

Outside of Work:
Cathy has been known to occasionally take time off from working, training and spending time with her girls to enjoy with a vino of very chilled Sauvignon Blanc with her best friend, who is also her husband (a maximum of two glasses only however!).
Working together, their energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Cathy together with her husband Neil and their team understand clients. They are highly experienced at taking Clients through the process of buying or selling property in the Cayman Islands.