Angelo has recently expanded his skills into the real estate market, following over 15 years at the helm of one of the most successful restaurants in Cayman. Angelo is best known as one half of the Eduardos partnership and his contact list is therefore extensive, both locally and internationally. We’ve heard his wine collection is not to be sniffed at either!

When you meet Angelo, you know that real estate is a perfect fit for him. He makes customers feel relaxed and confident that he will do his best for them. Angelo prides himself on being trustworthy, honourable and a generally fantastic person – all incredibly poignant qualities when handling the biggest transaction of peoples private lives.  Having dabbled in real estate over the years, the combination of an exciting, buoyant real estate market in Cayman and his natural affinity with architecture and his love of Cayman, has propelled him to become a real estate professional.

Things Angelo won’t tell you about himself:
Well this was tricky because Angelo says he is very open and not shy. But when we asked some trusted colleagues, Angelo’s extremely strong family values really come to the fore. Angelo has a gorgeous young daughter called Hallie Meredith and she often accompanies him to work at the restaurant in the mornings. Angelo originally hails from a beautiful rural town, close to the famous Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy. Whilst Angelo has made Cayman his second home a piece of his heart will always belong to his stunning home town.

Outside of work:
When not working, Angelo spends time with his family. They are the epicentre of his world.  Food, travel and spending time with good people are also important elements of life for Angelo.