Stephanie started with Williams2 as the office manager but has quickly been promoted to the role of Business Development Manager. Stephanie absolutely loves the diversity that the real estate market provides. To help the agents develop the business, Stephanie pools the information and ideas that are brimming within the Willams2 office and progresses them in a more formal and professional way. The team is fairly unique in that they work together as a collective, allowing for true business development opportunities.

Stephanie has been working in real estate for over 10 years. She knows the market and she knows the agents. Her photographic memory and knowledge of the real estate process, from start to finish (all Is dotted and Ts crossed) is an essential cog in the Williams2 wheel. A lot of what Stephanie does is in the background, alongside Simone but her work helps promote the business in the exceptional unified way Williams2 is marketed and ensures the client experience is the best on island.

Things Stephanie won’t tell you about herself:
She LOVES soca, a true island girl at heart.
She’s a chef extraordinaire at home, which is just as well because she has 4 sons to feed.
She is learning to say ‘hello’ in as many languages as possible

Outside of work:
4 sons = busy busy Mum.
Need we say more