Rum Point

Rum Point is located on the North Coast of Grand Cayman roughly an hour’s drive from the airport. It has palm trees, powder soft sand and translucent turquoise waters.

There are two resorts there serving tropical cuisine and cocktails, Rum Point Club and Kaibo Yacht Club.
Rum Point is renowned for its palatial beach homes either overlooking the cresting ocean waves or tucked into the sounds where the ocean is transparent.

There are a large selection of ocean front homes and condos available for sale in this piece of paradise. Rum Point appeals to the folks, who truly wish to leave the world behind, kick off their sandals, walk barefoot through the sand, swim and snorkel. They like their own space, they yearn for peace and quiet, and they know they have access to the madness of Seven Mile Beach within minutes by boat or car. They choose to live this rustic, serene life surrounded by folks who require the exact same.